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What is your main attention when you play Runescape?  


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May 16, 2020 6:46 am  

I ask this question since I'm under the impression people only play for max xp efficiency in abilities. If you are not doing this and this and this then you're doing it wrong! All of the minigames are lifeless except for ones that people must do (such as cabbage pinch for seedicide) and D&D's such as sinkholes and Cache are active because of the xp they give Winrsgold OSRS Gold.

Running through Menaphos and the location seems dead except for the skilling components, which is a real shame because it appears as if Jagex really spent lots of time on here. If so, why? It is an RPG, this is exactly what you should expect from an RPG, or no? So I was just curious, how many people play in this way? What do you do on Runescape? What is your primary reason for playing? Bossing? Skilling/afk? Questing?

For me personally, Bossing is fantastic on Runescape game. The EoC opened the doorway for Jagex to create really creative boss fights, they are challenging and not just point and click, spam this skill and that ability and you're done. You have to watch your surroundings, be cautious of if you strike, see everything the boss is doing this that you can respond accordingly either by motion or with a counterskill etc..

Questing is amazing, I really like questing on Runescape match and they're so immersive. They're leagues above a certain other MMO's quests. They are not just'go here and kill these, collect this, speak to this person then you're done.' How can I get a thing that is certain to occur? Etc etc..

Skilling on the flip side, well, this is what the majority of people from what I have seen to be the best part of Runescape game. I personally don't like standing in precisely the same spot for hours and hours just afk'ing/making certain I do a particular thing to keep complete efficiency in any way times and watch my avatar do the same animation in the exact same tile and over again. However that is the only time I would do this to be fair I've coached a lot of skills over DXP buy rsgp paypal. Which is the reason why I'm still not maxxed following 15+ years. For lots of people though that is what they like doing the majority of the time. Please let me know what your main focus would be in Runescape, I'm curious.

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July 24, 2020 6:48 am  

I play to get coins, I like the autonomy they provide, the second thing is, its graphic is damn good, and in any game graphic attracts gamers, infact I especially bought Xbox from Back to school promo codes, and play this game on the big screen give me unexpected pleasure.