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A rich partnership between MUXE BV and Belifex  


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August 11, 2019 9:06 am  

The history between the Netherlands and Belgium goes far back in time. With great achievements between both nations it hasn’t stopped. Two great projects that are active in the cryptocurrencysphere have recently decided to become business partners moving forward. Both projects have an unique goal with a broad vision to conqueror the massive social media networking platforms and play along in the market for the long run. Both MUXE as Belifex are pursuing this goal via their own unique ways. Everyone understands that competing with the massive social mediaprojects that are currently available in the market it is not easy to get noticed or find members that are willing to dedicate their time to another social media platform.

But thanks to the power of the CcS Framework we are now able to say that we are strengthen our social media capacity. Belifex will soon be connected to the CcS Social Network and from thereon be an access point to the revolutionary social media network. The benefits for Belifex members to sign up to the CcS Social media network via Belifex is to have all the advantages of the Belifex directly available inside the social media network.

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