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Reason 2K must NOT separate NBA2K21 into CASUAL and COMPETITIVE!  


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September 9, 2020 8:42 am  

They should not because most players would go to play with casual and have fun, and only a whole lot of NBA 2K21 MT Coins tryharders would play competitive against other tryharders (just what they don't wish to do). So they need to. I feel like tryhards goes to casual to attempt to control. Look folks run in park and individuals who go full squad. They will not if casual mode does not have any records in any way. They will not have any method of registering their domain in the shape of idiotic numbers. And of course, people in general would not be worried about losing or winning, but about to having a bit fun.

I understand everything you're saying, however I disagree. I totally concur that 2K is terrible at making at game. The 2K league is simply terrible to see. But no matter if they're good at making a competitive game, there is still value in having that clear seperation of casual and competitive. Let's say you maintain the same shiiting/sliders ect for those three. Earlier in the year, pro-am gave significantly more rep than playground, so the majority of the"competitive" players were enjoying that to rep up quicker. This made park much more pleasurable without individuals for somebody like me who only likes working with randoms.

Didn't matter if others were getting more rep because I was appreciating NBA 2K21. That got reverted and the sweats came back into park. Ante up serves a similar purpose but whenever there is double rep in park like yesterday for dunk fest, the sweats leave ante around play with park and also makes the events less pleasurable than normal park. Since there's no incentive for squads to perform with Pro-Am rec is unplayable for randoms. If 5v5 pro am offered double rep and much better matchmaking, then rec could become a casual manner without having to touch shooting ect. So no matter if NBA 2K21play is different, there should be a seperation of casual and competitive with incentives for the players that are competitive.

To tackle the shooting, for some reason alot of 2K gamers appear to believe the only skill gap in MT for sale 2K21 is how long you can hold down the shoot button. There's SO many players who whine about folks, although I disagree. If the manners has less whites it might please sweats and casuals. There are other things such as adjusting. Should 2K's primary focus be on improving their trash game? Absolutely. But they already have what they need to make a true casual and mode so I don't think that could take away from them working on making NBA 2K21 better.

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