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MUXE SPAIN Local Community is growing via the channels of Fortnite, is MUXE SPAIN on on to something?  


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August 12, 2019 9:07 am  

The MUXE Team is very excited to see the thrill of the MUXE Community in Spain. Many members are doing such great things to get more involvement within the ecosystem of MUXE.

We are so proud to see were the MUXE SPAIN group has grown to and we are very excited to see what can come from here. MUXE Will stimulate the growth of MUXE SPAIN any way possible and we will reserve an X amount of MUXE Tokens for any activity, event or dedicated response from the community towards the integration and interaction of the MUXE project.

A great team is involved when it comes to managing these events, Tony, Ruben and Luis have been an excellent team and together they have been able to create hypes, experiences, events and most important of everything a lot of fun among each other.

MUXE BV is proud to have the MUXE Spain Community within its environment and we couldn't imagine how MUXE would have to go forward without such an amazing involvement.

We really want to stimulate the possibilities were MUXE SPAIN could grow to. We are currently looking for new enthusiastic team members that feel the vibe of MUXE and that believe that they could help the MUXE community to take off even further.

It is certainly no secret that the Spanish team have great leader skill capacities and the company is keeping an clear eye on the community. This allows us to be involved as much as possible as needed and to help the local Spanish team were possible.