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The way to boost a new build quickly?  


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September 9, 2020 8:25 am  

I've just started a new player build. Any tips to improve him? 1 way to acquire badges, and that is to NBA 2K21 MT play matches, with quarters and of a difficulty as you can while still getting good stats. That is the best way to strike 95, not get badges. You do not receive a bonus to your points for difficulty, just. Finest method to receive badges is 12 minutes quarters on ace. Best method to strike 99.9 is 6 min quarters on pro.

You 100% get badge points for greater difficulty. You don't. The problem bonus is a multiplier which goes to your total mypoints. You are wrong. That would indicate you got over 1.6x mypoints to get a match on HOF difficulty. If you got 1.6x ray badge points you would not need the multiplier in the end for the bonus.

What exactly are you talking about? Points are included in the mypoints. So if you normally got 1000 badge points, then you'd get 1600 badge points, and everything else you did gets multiplied by 1.6 as well. So you get 1000 points towards the badge and 1600 towards your overall from the difficulty multiplier. Rather than arguing why not play a sport on HOF and a game on pro and see the difference. That's why the comment is being made by me. I have played ace and HOF. A multiplier is for your mypoints although you get exactly the badge points.

As the badge points you earn to get a game, like the complete my points is the same. You're right. But the multiplier for greater difficulty gets you get added once you badge points are calculated. Next time you play following to see the breakdown of points that you got a mycareer game hit y/triangle. Scroll to the bottom and also in yellow you'll see the bonus points you get for the difficulty. So you wind up with mypoints from the incentive, but it doesn't effect your points.

Does anyone know of whether that'll be available 12, any updates? If they'll trigger it with 2K21 coming out I'd love to begin this year back up with the ideal documents and stats but Idk. Honestly the fact they aren't doing this is making me rethink buying 2K21. The 2019-2020 year was compensated for by us and aren't giving it. I know it because Start Today is an offline mode they can't milk for money. Are you really not conscious of this bubble? REGULAR SEASON games resumed leading the playoffs up which will ascertain the 2020 winner.

Are you conscious Orlando bubble did not follow regular season program and took 8 teams out. Orlando bubble is money ploy to get NBA to reach game requirement to fulfill endorsements paycheck. That's your opinion and completely nice but bottom line is that officially the league considers the Orlando bubble a continuation of Buy MT 2K21 the 2019-2020 season. Not my opinion. I recall Sacramento Kings match closed down was vs pelicans I still have it on my DVR. We and Spurs played with last night not Pels. It not after season schedule in almost any way possible.