We have a New Logo !

Hi everyone! We are happy to announce that we are finally able to showcase our new logo! It is certainly more representative of how dynamic we are and how far we have come. In about a month, we have accomplished so much and we are so close to finishing our new feature updates for our

MUXE Team working hard to secure your Tokens

Hello all, As we are making progress and taking steps to make our systems better, many questions have come up about how the MUXE development team is securing their systems. There have been a couple of articles discussing how hackers are finding many ways to steal tokens and money from clients. There were cases where

MUXE Expanding Community and Building Platform

Hey Everyone! Things keep looking up for the MUXE team. After a successful meeting with the Real Estate group, there are more initiatives coming our way. We have a founder working on using an innovative way to monitor our social media and track the progress of our token MUXE. This is very exciting news since

Hi there! The MUXE development team has taken another great step towards progress. Today, one of the founders are met with a highly experienced Real Estate group. The topics highlighted involved the future of cryptocurrency, the use of the MUXE token and the function of its Platform. It was pretty exciting to have them interested


MUXE Dashboard & Social Update

We did some major updates and bug fixing and also the development of our project is going fantastic. The past few weeks a lot has happened. We are happy to introduce the MUXE User Dashboard and the MUXE Master Account Dashboard. Both are designed differently to meet different needs and responsibilities. In case you are wondering why

A term of sale is how the buyer and seller agree to receive payment and disburse tokens. What terms of sale does is give a good idea to both the investor and MUXE exactly how the sale will occur and what steps will be taken to ensure both parties transact in the agreed upon terms.

MUXE has a successful meeting with Legal Team

Happy Friday everyone! MUXE has had an incredibly productive week. We have been increasing our content output, discussing a wide range of new products and services that can be used in the future, and our ICO work is kicking off without any problems. So far, the MUXE team would like to announce that everything is

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MUXE Diving Deep into the Real Estate

Hey Everyone, Big announcements today as the MUXE team is deeper into the industry that we hope to change for the better. We discuss adding value and continuously demonstrating our desire for change but at some point, we will have to convince experts and other industry leaders just on how we are going to do

muxe real estate coin website downtime at 7 and 8 february

Hello everyone, As many of you probably already know the MUXE website has been down for the last day or so. This is due to an error when trying to update the website compatibility for other languages. As MUXE expands we want everyone to be able to read our website and understand our product no

Hey everyone, We have very exciting announcements to make today. MUXE has hit the number one ranked spot on Google for searches of “MUXE” in the country of Holland! This means that the hard work and dedication the MUXE team is finally making headway through our content creation and advertisement. Over the last few days

Crypto Market collapse and General FUD-PSA

Hey Everyone,   Wanted to take a moment to discuss the incredible losses people are taking today. Firstly, we are hoping that everyone is financially ok and did not lose too much. Secondly, for those who did invest a lot I encourage you to try to hold on for a little longer. There is likely

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Coincheck Wallets hack-PSA

The MUXE team wants to let everyone know we are aware of hacking wallets that has taken place and the security risks this represents. We want everyone to know that we take events like this very seriously. Some tips on how to protect yourselves and your investments during this time: 1. If there is a

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The Future of Real Estate Listings

MUXE can market its listings globally and offer more investors more opportunities while simultaneously offering the sellers more chance to sell their property. This becomes a win-win for both sides as quicker matching of buy and sell sides will keep money flowing and will allow people to cash in on their investments quicker than usual