Executive Summary

MUXE MARKET is a one-stop platform that facilitates from buying your DREAM HOME, to getting RENTAL income from your extra space, inspired with latest INTERIOR DESIGNS tips, sourcing best MAINTENANCE contractors for your property to ordering HOME IMPROVEMENTS to spruce up your current pad. The MUXE MARKET also facilitates from purchasing digital files to offering online services in varying segments. All of these segments are combined in our Marketplace.

This is easily navigated by MUXE interactive platform that can help even the average users to find their needs adopting latest technology on Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality apps. With these tools, it will help the user to make important decisions better in a secured P2P platform.

E-commerce Merchant Products and Services to increase your business

We can grow your sales and reach in your business field with our products and services. We optimize the work process of our customers by building day to day solutions. Increase the income of your business with the Ecommerce Merchant Solutions provided by MUXE BV.

CcS Marketplace Network

Increase your business tremendously by adopting to the future with the CcS Marketplace. You can either Buy or Sell your Products and Services for both FIAT and Cryptocurrencies and spent your airdrop rewards on high quality goods provided by great vendors available in the market.

MUXE Ecosystem

The MUXE Tokens are created to gain strength and growth via community goals and events that allow people to combine their available network & resources and to expand capacity and flexibility throughout the powerfull tools and services that are build in front and on top of the MUXE Ecosystem.

CryptocoinStart Framework

The CryptocoinStart Framework allows both merchants and spenders to connect, interact and exchange business for products and services. The CryptocoinStart tools allow users to interact with each other via the blockchain and to obtain tokens which they can spent on the marketplace at shops of vendors who accept cryptocurrencies.

with Fiat or Crypto

By using the technology of the future, we are eliminating the insecurity of using central systems that cost time, energy, and most importantly: money. We are making sure that our clients are not paying the fees of the old system. This help both buyers and sellers save their hard-earned money. Using the MUXE Tokens as the medium of exchange the buyer and seller can choose whether to keep the tokens for future sale or trade them in at an exchange for their respected value into whatever currency they choose.








Why was MUXE B.V founded?
MUXE B.V was founded because we believe that we can make a difference with our vision. MUXE B.V has a broad and unique vision and believes that she can make a tremendous difference in how we utilize any digitization today.

What are the future goals of MUXE B.V?
We strive to become a global one-stop-shop for a broad variety of niche segments in the market. With a global aim on the preparation of according to us required technology we were able to prepare several use cases, pilot setups and partnerships that have drastically impacted the growth of both MUXE B.V as its partners project goals and vision.

What makes MUXE B.V special and unique?
MUXE B.V is unique in the market and has a very clear understanding of where it wants to be in terms of twenty years. We provide an innovative backbone to innovators and entrepreneurs that have a great idea, amazing project but lack the conversion of technology or market conversion.

How do the MUXE B.V Team Members combine and bundle their powers?
Both the involved company staff and international team members work together very narrow and have a solid understanding of the differences between each others knowledge, opinion, ideas and visions.

What are the strategies and tactics of MUXE B.V?
Together we aim to build the best of ourselves and try to reassemble it back in the project as much as possible. Those that have asked us why we created MUXE B.V and do what we do today have seen our amazing dedication, passion and improvements over time and it has opened many new doors for MUXE B.V at were we stand today in front of the market carefully observation our future tactics and strategies to carefully form our decisions to penetrate the global market.

The MUXE Token Smart-contract was originally initiated on the blockchain by MUXE BV. The growth of sustainability is therefor on of the goals and points of focus that MUXE is prioritizing with extra dedication. With the release of the platform MUXE BV is finally able to start launching the services that we have been preparing over the past few years.

  • Company Name: MUXE BV
  • Company Website: www.muxe.io
  • Company Email: info.muxe.io
  • CEO Email: jaimy.de.vries@muxe.io
  • Business Development: justin.wilms@muxe.io
  • Company C.O.C: 70915350
  • Firm Number: 000039143341
  • Country of registration: the Netherlands
  • Company address: Rutbekerveldweg 275
  • Zipcode: 7548PP,

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MUXE Logo Kit


Additional black

Alternative Gold

Original White

Additional White

Alternative White

Original Grey

Alternative Black

MUXE Color Codes



0, 0, 0

91, 79, 62, 97

0, 53%, 0%

Main Orange


238, 117, 48

0, 64, 85, 0

22, 80%, 93%

Alt Orange


242, 141, 59

0, 53, 81, 0

27, 76%, 95%

Third Orange


246, 169, 79

1, 40, 75, 0

32, 68%, 96%

Dark Grey


54, 54, 54

68, 59, 56, 64

0, 0%, 21%



255, 254, 252

0, 0, 1, 0

40, 1%, 100%

MUXE The Innovative Platform For all your needs

MUXE is the innovative platform that uses both Blockchain and Traditional technology
to allow users to, LIST, SEARCH, SECURE and SETTLE all your needs.


Muxe Market is the latest inclusion to the Muxe and CCS platform. This long awaited segment has been carefully planned and designed to integrate various professional sectors in a single platform.

This is to provide our users the convenience to search, buy and sell in just one platform. Further more, this is the first crypto market place to transact with crypto currencies. CCS Market place is able to accept more than 90 various crypto currencies including Muxe tokens!


MUXE ONLINE is the social media networking platform built by MUXE B.V on top of the CcS Framework. MUXE ONLINE has been created to operate in complete synchronicity with all social media networks that are connected via the CcS Network Framework. MUXE ONLINE offers a wide variety of unique features such as combining a social media experience with built in entertainment experience and useful services such as:

MUXE TV, MUXE TOOLKIT, CORE Explore and other related niches.


MUXE Media channel is the innovative video streaming app that is dedicated to the businesses and services related to the Muxe niche market segments.

This media channel will feature entertaining clips on latest information, tips, industry updates, market news and many more. (It also allows viewers to participate with quizzes and contests to win MUXE tokens and other exciting products.)

The MUXE Media channel is available 24/7 and is a service provided exclusively by MUXE B.V.

CORE Down to Earth Experience with a Touch of the Future

An out of this world experience, Core is the most innovative web browser that exists on the market. With its high-end, scale-able functionalities, we aim high with Core.

Down to Earth Browsing with a Touch of the Future - An out of this world experience, Core is the most innovative web browser that exists on the market. With its high-end, scale-able functionalities, we aim high with Core. built specifically to optimise your lifestyle and combine the best of both traditional and modern worlds in the new digital age.

The Core Browser allows you to use your favorite tools, send crypto currencies worldwide and efficient and has a wide range of Virtual Reality & Smart Interaction integrations.

CORE CloudSpace

CORE CloudSpace provides high quality cloud web hosting for your data files. Having the ability to store files online is becoming a daily requirement, and being able to access your files when you need them is therefore a necessity.

CloudSpace provides you with a professional interface to store and manage your files properly and securely, ensuring ease-of-use and accessibility on all of your devices when you require them.  CORE CloudSpace provides free Cloud Storage services as well .

CORE App Builder

CORE App Builder allows anyone to build .CORE applications without the knowledge of programming skills. The CORE Web Browser is a very user friendly web browser and the CORE App Builder allows you to create your own CORE browser applications whether you are connected to the internet or not.

The applications that you can build f0r the CORE Browser can also be experienced when its users are not connected to the internet at that time. Deciding your faith with your personal customized browser experience was never so easy.

MUXE Token Wallet

Muxe tokens can be held at several ERC20 compatible wallets. The major benefit of using Existing ERC20 wallets is that they are well known by the market and that millions of people are using them. Since MUXE is an ERC20 based Token we automatically are compatible with all these wallets. MUXE B.V is also working on their own wallet which will be listed on this page in the near future. Until then we hope to satisfy you with a list of available wallets.

MUXE Exchange Listings

You can purchase MUXE tokens at one of the following exchanges. Please keep in mind that every exchange has their own setup and that you should never share your personal details with anyone. MUXE team members will never ask you for any personal details.

MUXE Announcements

MUXE Token is now available on the Crypto app Read more +28 November 2018 By muxe in Announcements, Partnership, MUXE

The MUXE Token is now available on the Crypto app “Delta App”

Read more +25 November 2018 By muxe in Announcements, Partnership, MUXE

MUXE.ONLINE is currently under maintenance due to server switch

MUXE is proud to announce our partnership with AirWireRead more +06 November 2018 By muxe in Announcements, Partnership, MUXE

MUXE is proud to announce our partnership with AirWire

Read more +04 November 2018 By muxe in Announcements, Voting Competition, Partnership

MUXE won a free exchange listing on Evimeria via the voting contest

Read more +18 October 2018 By muxe in Announcements, Partnership, International, MUXE

MUXE Global Language Translation Update

muxe won shardax voting Competition round 5Read more +17 October 2018 By muxe in Announcements, Voting Competition

MUXE Won the 5th round of the Shardax Voting Competion

MUXE website updatesRead more +11 October 2018 By muxe in Announcements, MUXE

MUXE is preparing for the MUXE Website updates today

MUXE leading the Shardax competition with over 2000 votesRead more +28 September 2018 By muxe in Announcements, Voting Competition

MUXE leading the Shardax Voting Competition with over 2000 votes ahead

The MUXE Discount Hunting Games Online Tag Team Round 1 has EndedRead more +21 September 2018 By muxe in Announcements, The Discount Hunting Games, MUXE

The Muxe Discount Hunting Games Online Tag Team Round 1 Has Ended

Muxe Online Tag Team TDHG Last 2 days of the first roundRead more +20 September 2018 By muxe in Announcements, The Discount Hunting Games

Muxe Online Tag Team TDHG Last 2 days of the first round

Partnership MUXE and DotDriven AnnouncementsRead more +16 September 2018 By muxe in Announcements, Partnership

Partnership MUXE and DotDriven Announcement

MUXE Innovative Platform (Teaser/Explainer) Introduction / Regular & Technical Maintenance MUXE.ONLINERead more +10 September 2018 By muxe in Announcements

Technical Maintenance MUXE.ONLINE & Regular Server updates

MUXE won the CryptalDash Voting Competition for a Exchange ListingRead more +04 September 2018 By muxe in Announcements, Voting Competition, MUXE

MUXE won the CryptalDash Voting Competition

MUXE Finished 2th in the 4th Shardax Voting CompetitionRead more +04 September 2018 By muxe in Announcements, Voting Competition, MUXE

MUXE Finished 2th in the Shardax Voting Competition

MUXE Advances to the speed up round of the Cryptaldash voting!Read more +29 August 2018 By muxe in Announcements, Bounty Program & Airdrops, Voting Competition, MUXE

MUXE Advances to the speed up round of the Cryptaldash voting!

MUXE Order | MUXE token ICO price is now set lower to attract more investorsRead more +26 August 2018 By muxe in Announcements, MUXE

MUXE token ICO price is now set lower to attract more investors

MUXE Grateful to LoMoStar Company & CommunityRead more +24 August 2018 By muxe in Announcements, Bounty Program & Airdrops, MUXE


MUXE Shardax voting Competition Round 4 Started | Vote for MUXERead more +23 August 2018 By muxe in Announcements, Voting Competition, MUXE


MUXE Social Media

Our partners, clients and service providers

Timeline Roadmap of 2018

Global Focus

The first countries we focus and work on are:

  • Japan
  • China
  • Republic of Korea
  • The Netherlands
  • The United States
  • Germany
  • India

Creating goals

We are working towards the following developments:

  • MUXE Whitepaper
  • MUXE Roadmap
  • MUXE Estate Listing Platform
  • MUXE Desktop Wallet
  • MUXE Mobile Wallet
  • MUXE Ticker
  • MUXE Live Status

MUXE Targets

These are the current targets for the MUXE project.

  • Prepare ICO Sale
  • Prepare Token Swap
  • Prepare Crypto Trading
  • Raise Fund
  • Complete Swap
  • Establish Trading
  • Create a stable market

MUXE - The innovative platform for all your needs Forum

CryptocoinStart (CcS)

CcS Tip and Trade

The CcS Tip and Trade Gateway was build to provide an universal transact-able solution in social sharing by combining a variety of technologies to create the Tip and Trade Gateway



Forum updates

Updates/changes to the forums of MUXE are posted here by administrators


General discussions about MUXE

Discuss anything about the MUXE project whether you have a question or an opinion or a statement.


Trading MUXE Currency

Price predictions, trends, TA, market talk and anything that is related to trading the MUXE currency


Wallets for MUXE

Wallet discussion, tutorials, tips and anything else that is related to wallets that support the MUXE currency


Community based MUXE Projects

People are free to start their own project within the ecosystem of MUXE, we are a great support of that. We encourage people to share their muxe related projects or ventures here.


MUXE Crypto Campus

Learn more about the potential of tcryptocurrencies and how MUXE will adjust to that.


Questions and Answers

Any questions or answers about the MUXE project, ecosystem, team or company can be shared here.


MUXE Digital Developments

Gaming Development

MUXE BV has entered the game development industry and is planning to contribute massively to this industry. One of our main goals is building an API for the CcS Tip and Trade AI that we have released. Integrating this API inside the Gaming industry and building open sourced solutions will allow any game developers to integrate cryptocurrency and blockchain within their games.


WordPress Themes

MUXE BV has recently introduced new digital products to the market among them a great WordPress Theme Collection development. Ask anything about our WordPress Themes here.


Local MUXE Communities


Forum dengan berita MUXE online



Los foros de MUXE España están diseñados para los miembros de nuestra comunidad española.



One Stop Shop for Crypto
Buy and Sell with FIAT and CRYPTO
Makes your browsing easy
MUXE Media Channels
Reward yourself with Social Media

Why choose MUXE BV

We are a multi-functional, experienced and skilled worldwide team that offers a low-threshold solution in online ecommerce marketing. By lowering high placement costs and in many cases even making them free, we offer a competitive advantage to customers who place their products and services on our website. Next to that, we don’t only focus on specific countries. We have a global vision and want to magnify the world!

Global focus and reach!





Blockchain Technology

ERC20 Utility Token

MUXE tokens are transacted using the blockchain technology from Ethereum via the ERC20 protocol. The blockchain technology is being used for transactions, audits, accounting, database, GAS and communications.

Smart Move

All MUXE transactions are executed via smart contracts and are available on the blockchain. The data that is being transacted can never be changed which  will allow all transactions to be executed systematically, transparent and efficient manner.

Decentralized Blockchain

The Ethereum Blockchai nis a decentralized blockchain that allows its users to transact MUXE tokens from A to B instantly without the need of an centralized party in between.  This is essential so as to minimize long, tedious and complicated process during transactions between parties.