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Full solution service provider

MUXE BV is a full solution service provider that is aiming to provide simple solutions for technical situations. MUXE BV has been developing IT products and blockchain use cases for several years. Where times and demands are changing MUXE BV is now targeting to provide IT solutions and Blockchain use cases as a service.  

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Perform, provide DELIVER

We strive to provide solutions that are highly wanted or needed in today’s market. With a strong focus on adoption of modern technology and decentralized protocols MUXE BV is participating in a fast growing market. 

Our products and solutions vary into many different niches and market segments. Some projects are our own, others belong to partners or clients. 

“Blockchain is the standard of the future. Web is leading us there today. ”

–  Jaimy de Vries

Solutions for smaller

Many Blockchain based applications are aiming for a massive audience. We believe that the most precious blockchain use cases may arise in some of the smallest communities.

Within a future where blockchain is the standard, not every creation has a purpose for global adoption.

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Use case for you

Does your project needs a new use case?

Lets take a look at what you need and how we can assist you. We have created all sorts of use case solutions and are looking forward to take a look at your project.

Get started on your product

Get started on your product

Sharing our experience

We are learning new things daily

As we have been around in Blockchain engagement for the past 3+ years and our experience with web and ecommerce for the past 10+ years we are now jumping into new learning processes even deeper. We have made a fair share of mistakes along the way and sometime didn’t tidy things up as we should have.

MUXE BV was founded in 2018, shaping and growing the organization came with unique sorts of ups and downs. Today we are very energetic and determined to accomplish and achieve. Giving up is not an option and will never be an option. Some of the greatest products and solutions in the world went through many barriers of resistance before reaching their true potential. 

We are eager to equip ourselves with the skills, knowledge and funds to chase our true potential. 

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